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Breakdown Recovery London

We, at the Easy Pick Recovery, are dedicated to bring comfort, vitality and safety into our customers’ life through vehicle breakdown recovery London service. Certainly, there is no easy way put it: breakdown in vehicles are nasty and disturbing. You may be enjoying a smooth ride but a sudden fault in battery, tyre or engine may leave you stranded on the road. So, just in a matter of seconds the whole journey comes to a halt. However, there is no need to let yourself overwhelmed by worries. In case your car, jeep or any other type of vehicle suffers a breakdown we are always here to infuse motion and flow. We maintain teams of highly experienced mechanics who are always ready and prepared to help you through.

Our mechanics are laced with years of experience in the area and know how to fix faults and repair. In case the breakdown is due to shortage of fuel, we provide a necessary amount of fuel so that you can become able to travel to the nearest fuel station. In a nutshell, whatever the causes are behind the breakdown in your vehicle we will provide a guaranteed recovery.



What is a vehicle breakdown recovery?

Breakdown recovery is a type of assistance and recovery of your vehicle when it suffers a breakdown. Generally, a breakdown recovery may not occur to a person as a great service. But in the hour of need, when the car or vehicle is stuck on a road or you are stranded, there is no greater relief than that of having the recovery of the vehicle.

Many problems may cause a breakdown. Before we discuss causes, it deems important to mention here that breakdown in vehicles occur unexpectedly. In case the breakdown occurs when you are on a long travel, it can be a nightmare.

Common causes of breakdown

Flat battery

Faults occurring in batteries are among the most common breakdowns in vehicles. Routinely, a large number of operators of vehicles encounter the problem. Especially, in the winter season, the problems become more frequent than normal.

Damages to wheel and tyre

The role of wheel and tyre to a vehicle is well-known. After the engine, a wheel is arguably the second most important part of a car. Damages to wheel ma altogether hamper your travel.



Problems in spark plugs

The chance is that a spark plug completes its life e.g., you find the plug broken or worn out. Generally, the problem does not occur if the car is serviced routinely. However, if regular servicing is not maintained, then the problems with the spark plugs are always there.

Problems with the high tension leads

The role of high-tension leads is not well understood as that of many other tools in  a vehicle. However, sometimes, it can be a primarily reason if your car fails to start. The spark plug of your car get the voltage through them.

An issue with alternator

If you are a long time driver of cars or other vehicles then you may have faced the problem when the vehicle fails to start even though it has perfectly new battery. The chance is that the fault is in the alternator. The alternator takes its energy from your vehicle’s engine and continues charging the battery. Therefore, a fault with the alternator will lead to the breakdown situation.

Other causes:

Certainly, there is a long list of causes that may lead to breakdown. However, apart from the major causes mentioned above, burn-out clutch cables, loss of oil may among other major causes that may put you in a harm’s way.



Availing our breakdown recovery services are so easy and simple!

We are a renowned and experience firm in the area of assuring recovery in case your vehicle sustains a breakdown. It is a recognizable fact that breakdown in vehicles are nightmarish, more so because they occur unexpectedly. However, we take pride in ceaselessly bringing reliability and certainty into our customers’ lives.


All of our breakdown recovery solutions are time effective. We know that it is urgent and demanding for you to get rid of the causes impeding your travel. Our teams that comprise over experienced mechanics always arrive timely and deliver state of the art solutions to our customers.


Our services are entirely affordable and manageable in terms of price consideration. Also, as you get the most-desired relief you will feel it yourself that we charge minimum in return for bringing breathtaking vitality and flow.


Our mechanics experience and knowledge are vast and practical. We carry out our work in a systemic and organized way. While we try to rid you vehicle from the problem, we try to make a deep assessment of the problem. After diagnosing the problem we focus right on addressing the issue. Our services are entirely customizable; therefore, what sort of problem it, we know exactly how to tackle it.

Contact us Now!

Availing our roadside assistance is simple and handy. You may avail the assistance simply by making a call or fill the online form. So, you do not need to panic or worry. You can get the necessary help in a short span of time right there where you are standing. Just contact us at the hour you need us. We are always here to help you through.

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